About Us


About Us

Eisele Executive Search is your trusted firm for expert level and senior recruitment needs. Founded in 19985 and headquartered in Westmont IL, we offer a perfect mix of insight, resources and reach needed to attract, recruit and retain exceptional talents across a range of industries and company sizes. We are certified to deliver turnkey executive search solutions to companies who value the importance of an excellent hire.

On a broad professional scale, our team of executive recruiters work closely with client companies by functioning as their go-to consultant on all matters that relates to human resources management, staffing, talent hunting, individual evaluation and comprehensive analyses, as well as proven recruitment strategies that align talent with their business operations.

Exclusively on our website, you will get to explore and find competent candidates with great profiles, matching skill-sets and expertise. We trust you will find everything you need to transform your workforce, outperform competition and set your organizations up for expert-level efficiency. Begin your search now and let’s help you find the right talents to help you execute your company’s master plan.


Why Choose us?

Work with us because of our uncommon commitment to helping you hire the industry’s best professional. The core of our solutions see you through superb talent acquisition, people management and compensation consulting, excellent corporate ethics programs and lots more.

Talent Acquisition 93%
Compensation Consulting 70%
Corporate Ethics Program 86%
About Mike Eisele

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” –Jim Collins

Mr. Eisle’s Brings 40 years of experience of placing exceptional executive at top enterprises. He assist client in finding candidate that are perfect skill and culture set for an organizations. As President/CEO Eisele Executive Search, he spends most of time proactive curating talent for our clients.

His strength lies in delivering organizational strategies that help you establish a corporate culture of success that is second to none. Executive search experience for both established and start up organizations in the following areas:

Hospitals, integrated healthcare delivery systems
Managed Care Organizations
Health Infomatics and Healthcare Technology Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Instruments Companies.