Technology Executive Search

The tech industry defines how businesses, organizations, and the global world operate. IT goes a long way in transforming and enhancing business operations – what industries do, how they do it and their adaptation capabilities. Technology compel several other industries to quickly adapt to changes and discover better ways to deliver solutions, else they face extinction. But everything boils down to making the biggest difference by putting the right technological expertise in place.

Hundreds of companies and organizations rely on Eisele Executive Search services to hire skilled and expert technical personnel in the tech industry. At Eisele Executive Search, we help internal IT departments, tech providers and several businesses hunt the industry’s best.

With our executive search platform, we are able to connect fortune 500 companies with a vast expansive network of information technology professionals that will propel your organization to the frontiers of your industry.

Our technology and IT recruiters are proficient in all major technology areas including:

  • Mobility
  • Software and application services
  • Business intelligence & analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Web architecture development
  • Operating systems management
  • Telecommunications management
  • Mobile engineering
  • Network security & administration
  • Disaster recovery

Leverage technological insights today and watch your organization grow exponentially.


Technical Executive Recruiters: Eisele Executive Search will sources top talent for the following IT Leaders:


  • C-Level (CTO, CIO)
  • President, Senior VP and VP
  • General Managers
  • Directors of  IT / Human Resources
  • Business Continuity Leaders
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists
  • Business Intelligence Leaders
  • Cyber Security Leaders
  • Directors of FW, HW, SW
  • ERP / CRM Leaders
  • Information Systems Auditors
  • Internal SOX Auditors
  • IT Sales / Marketing Leaders
  • Mobile Engineering Leaders
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Planning Analysts
  • Network Security Leaders
  • Network Systems Managers
  • Operating Systems Managers
  • Programmers / Analysts
  • Quality Software Engineers
  • Software Developers (.Net, Java,…)
  • Software Systems Programmers
  • Software Engineering Leaders
  • Storage Area Network Architecture
  • Systems Administrators / Analysts
  • Telecommunications Managers
  • Web Architecture Development